How to make website for kids

Thinking about making website for your kids? It is easier than you can imagine! In just 5 minutes and 5 easy steps, your website for kids is ready. You can write interesting articles, or share your experiences from holidays when making the website for kids. It’s very good for keeping in contact with their friends or classmates. Do not hesitate and try all the advantages which Webnode offers.

1) Go to

Choose the address for your new website, fill in your login e-mail address, password to your Webnode account and then sign up.

2) Choose your project type

For the website for kids we recommend you to make a Personal type of website. Then fill in the name of your website and a slogan for the web and continue to the next step.

3) Selection of templates

From a selection of templates choose the one you like best for your project. Just one click and your website will get an original and modern design. Webnode prepared some suitable templates especially for kid’s websites.

4) Types of pages

What types of pages do you want to have on your kid’s website? Select the pages you would like to be created automatically on your website. When ready click on the “Finish” button.

5) Congratulations!

Your website for kids is ready and online. But don’t stop here, now the real fun can begin! You can plan birthdays, invite your guests, share pictures or videos, add games and post homework. Creative ideas have no limits with Webnode.

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